Special launch promotion – BullGuard Mobile Antivirus

To celebrate the launch, BullGuard is giving away 5,000 special edition of “BullGuard Mobile Antivirus” – the Antivirus module incorporated in BullGuard Mobile Security. Why? To give mobile enthusiasts a taste of what the full security suite is capable of.

Oops, it seem the license keys allocated to this promo have been exhausted!

You can buy BullGuard Mobile Antivirus or find more information about the product here.

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Why do you need it?

All the risks that are a part of your life when you go online from your computer are just as real when you use your phone to check for Facebook updates and news, to receive e-mails and access your bank account.

Viruses and other types of malware don't care what device you use. They just need your phone to be switched on - that way they can call paid services, send text messages, steal and exploit personal information such as credit card details, passwords and phone numbers. In short, a smartphone without proper protection puts you at risk.

Operating Systems

• Android
• Symbian
• Windows
• Blackberry

- covering 80% of the smartphone market.


What’s in the package:

Antivirus Module

Antivirus and Antispyware:BullGuard's mobile antivirus engine protects your phone data by real time detection and removal of viruses and spyware delivered via direct download, SMS, MMS, e-mail, Bluetooth, Infrared.

Backup Module

Basic Backup: Save your contacts and calendar to your online account and restore them in case the device is damaged or lost.

Support Module

Support: FREE 24/7 Support when you need it.