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BullGuard Reviews and Awards

Don't just take our word for it! We've won quite a few awards and had some really nice things said about our products.



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Some of our favourite quotes

“Overall BullGuard is quite impressive. We like the clean interface and it’s a comprehensive offering without being loaded with features you’ll never use. It’s competitively priced against the competition too and, crucially, scores well in independent tests.” PC Utilities

"The main control screen of Bullguard Internet Security 12 is simple and well organised and although things get a bit more complex as you work your way down through the menus, it's still comparatively straightforward to find your way around this suite." PC Advisor

“Overall, this is an excellent package, easy to use, and a very worthy Best Buy.” Which? Best Buy Award, 2012

“Many security software packages offer strong performance, but at the expense of simplicity. Not Bullguard, however - it handled our security challenges competently while giving clear and reassuring updates about what was going on. We liked the uncomplicated wording and the well-designed colour scheme, and the way the software got on with things and solved problems sensibly. Online support is also strong, with a useful website, a quick response to email queries, and a real-time online chat feature for talking to tech support.” Which? Best Buy Award, 2012

“Not only does it provide protection, it has some fancy tune-up features as well as a backup hard drive in the cloud for every user! Sweet ain’t it?” Techdeville.com

“We recommend this product as one of our favorite antivirus programs of the new year. After using it personally for three weeks, most of my review was done on a very old Pentium 4 and it did not cause any performance issues or start-up lags, I have no complaints whatsoever” Techdeville.com
"We all want to feel "safe" when we are surfing the web, right? I know I do! Well, look no further. With BullGuard, you really have no worries. There really isn't a whole lot that this antivirus program CAN'T do. I honestly don't even know where to begin." Examiner.com

BullGuard Internet Security 10 is a capable program with some interesting features, and since it covers three computers in a home it's also great value.ComputerActiveBuyIt Award, February 2011

A six week trial period without viruses doesn’t definitely prove that BullGuard is perfect but I certainly feel my PC is safer, especially since my younger daughter plays on-line games on this desktop. I’d happily spend my money on BullGuard to avoid the time and frustration of dealing with virus issues. Wired.com/geekdad
Good UI, effective protection, solid online backup. The user interface lives up to Bullguard's no-nonsense claims, and it's exceptionally easy to configure the program for everyday use, with solid advice in the online help.Which? Magazine
BullGuard Internet Security 10. It’s something different. BullGuard comes with everything but the kitchen sink, and doesn’t slow down our computers.- Oncomp.com
BullGuard Internet Security 10 is tough on the bad guys but works hard to make things easy for you. In its “as quiet as possible” mode, the app limits popup warnings to those that require action on your part, suppressing any that are just informational.- Netbooknews.com

BullGuard Internet Security 10 is another great internet security suite. As their bulldog logo/mascot suggests, their security software is very good at keeping intruders away, but still personable and easy to get along with. With effective security and a good lineup of features, BullGuard Internet Security has plenty of bark and bite, able to protect your computer from all sorts of threats. - TopTenReviews.com



Bullguard 10 is recommended to you because of its speed, general effectiveness at combatting viruses and malware and price. - Technologyblogged.com
BullGuard Internet Security is a comprehensive, impressive, set of tools to protect your computer. (…) including offline including offline backup, spam filter, next to all the antivirus software. It’s excellent for the beginner or PC user who just wants to be protected. - MyCe.com
Fast, powerful and easy to use for everyone. Well deserving of its Best Buy status. - Computer Buyer
A well-designed security application with the added bonus of online backup. - Computer Active
BullGuard gives the closest thing you'll get to complete protection while retaining a user-friendly approach and an affordable price. - PC Answers
Proven technology and useful extras make year's BullGuard a good choice for PC protection. - PC World UK
Junk mail is all but eradicated thanks to the spamfilter. - Micromart
We love the programs clean interface and it's perfect for home usage. - PC World AUS
The backup tool in particular is very welcome. - PC Utilities
This results in security peace of mind that's as unobtrusive as it is adaptable. - PC Advisor

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