Untitled-1AV-Test Labs have recently released the results of their latest test on antivirus products for home users. And guess what? BullGuard Internet Security 12 scored 6.0 out of 6.0 points for the protection it offers. But wait! There’s more: BullGuard was the only product of those tested that got the maximum number of points in this category.


During May and June 2012, the independent experts from AV-Test Labs evaluated the performance of 25 home user security products, in their most current publicly-available versions. They tested the products on Windows 7 (64 bit) and scored their capabilities in three categories: Protection, Repair and Usability. All products were awarded the AV-Test Certificate, but the one that stood out from the crowd in the Protection category – which is essentially, the main reason why one would get a security product in the first place – was BullGuard Internet security 12.

The AV-Test scores show that the latest version of BullGuard Internet Security outpaced those of security performers like AVG, McAfee and Symantec/Norton in detecting malware.

BullGuard’s protection results:

AV Test_photo2

Source: AV-TEST Product Review and Certification Report, May-June 2012

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BullGuard Internet Security 12 includes Behavioural-based Detection, which spots ne w viruses by how they act on your computer. Together with Signature-based Detection, which deals with known malware, they make up a multi-layered defence system for your PC that’s virtually impenetrable. And given its wide range of features, BullGuard has you, your whole family and your PC covered, so that you shop, bank, surf and socialize online with ease and confidence.

How safe do you feel when you go online?

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