Back in July we were proposing THE solution for the unimaginable: BullGuard Mobile Backup.
The awesome new app was, back then, available for Android, Symbian and iOS devices NOW, BlackBerry aficionados can get their hands on this super useful app as well.

If you’re a BlackBerry user, you can store all your important business contacts, files and more on BullGuard’s online drive and keep them safe from whatever mobile misfortune. We don’t want to get negative here, but we do want to advise caution.

Just think of all the bad things that can happen to your phone when you at least expect them to:

  • 1. Mobile malware can sneak onto your device and brick it.
  • 2. Your battery can run low when need might need it for an urgent call.
  • 3. You can lose your device or thieves can steal it, and everything on it!
  • 4. You never know when you can damage your device by accident.
  • 5. Your phone ran out of space and you cannot take that important photo!

If more misfortunes spring to mind, then Mobile Backup is certainly a must-have! If you want to keep all your precious data safe, that is…

Also, if you’re considering switching to BlackBerry, the Migration feature in BullGuard Mobile Backup guarantees a no-hassle experience – with BullGuard, the transfer of all your data and files to the new device is fast and easy.

Other backup features that will make your life easier:

  • Online backup – Gives you 2GB of online backup space by default. You can also upgrade to more storage at any time.
  • Encrypted transfer – Encrypts the contents transferred between a device and BullGuard’s backup server.
  • Incremental backup – Makes it possible to back up only the files that have been added since the last backup.
  • Web access – Gives you secure access to all backed-up items to check, review and edit them. You can free up space on your phone and back up all your photos and videos online. Then you can access them at any time – on your computer or mobile devices.
  • Set and forget – Lets you schedule automatic backups to run as often as you want.
  • Support – Free 24/7 customer support.
  • Backup of a wide range of mobile items: your contacts, calendar, photos, ringtones, music, videos, selected files and folders.

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