What Happens When You Report Content On Facebook?

Facebook_dislike_smallHave you ever clicked ‘report’ on Facebook?

 Perhaps you’ve considered it, but didn’t know what would happen if you did, or if what you were considering reporting was in fact reportable. Well, BullGuard has looked into it for you, and here it is: a quick guide to what and how things are ‘reported’ on Facebook.

What should be reported on Facebook?

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iPhone 5: Scammed!

IPhone 5_Scams_smallThe iPhone 5 has been out for about two weeks, and yes, there are already scams out there tailored to your new shiny device. Given the popularity of Apple devices, they are often the target of cybercriminals, and with all the hype about the new iPhone 5, it’s really no surprise that it has become the newest target.

BullGuard is here to help you identify the top three new scams:

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Who’s Tracking My Cookies?

Cookie-blogBefore we delve into who’s tracking your cookies and why, let’s make sure we all understand what Cookies are. Cookies are tiny files that hold data specific to a website, and allow that website to tailor the site to the user. The cookie helps the website to customize by first name and last name and other similar, small pieces of data.

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