End Of 2012, As We Know It. What Have We Learned?

2012_retrospective_blogSo the Mayans were wrong. We’ve survived their fatal predictions and yet another year has passed, leaving behind a chain of ever-evolving online threats. From massive hack attacks, rampant computer infections, mobile malware, spear-phishing attacks, malicious websites, spam zombies, to Facebook scams, online privacy invasions, even (and especially!) on Facebook  and cyberbulling. The list may, of course, continue. But now that we’re about to enter a new year, what lessons are we drawing from this past one?

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How NOT To Embarrass Your Kids On Facebook…

Parents_kids_Facebook_blogPart of Facebook’s increasing popularity is that it’s no longer just for college kids. Parents are joining, tweens are joining, and with that comes complications. So, if you’re a parent on Facebook, what are the guidelines for not embarrassing your children?

Here at BullGuard, we’re providing you with a…

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Beware Of Airline Scams This Holiday Season!

Travel_airplane tickets_scamIn anticipation of the holiday season and the immense amount of travel that takes place, airlines have been warning their customers to keep an eye out for fraudulent emails that appear to be from them. Cybercriminals are using this heavy travel season as yet another opportunity to infect the public with dangerous viruses.

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How To Safely Book Your Christmas Holiday

Holiday travel scams_blogChristmas is without a doubt one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. Paired with attractive last-minute deals, it sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it? But before hopping on a plane to your dream holiday destination, learn how to protect yourself from any scams that might pop-up in your inbox, browser or even mobile phone.


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BullGuard Receives The Advanced+ Certificate From AV-Comparatives

Pack_blog_03The latest AV-Comparatives test results confirm yet again what other independent tests have shown before: BullGuard’s security suite ranks among the very best!

 In August-November 2012, AV-Comparatives performed its “Real-World Protection Test” on 21 existing security products installed on a Windows XP SP3 system.

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Over Promises: How To Spot Work-from-home Scams

Work from  home scam_blogIf you spend much time on the internet, you’ve probably seen those ads with promises of immense wealth, all as a result of working from home. Perhaps you’ve even been tempted to read more and clicked through, or maybe you received an email with a job offer, promising you a high income for a fairly simple job like stuffing envelopes. So what are these jobs really about? Are they legitimate? Are you missing out on getting rich just by sitting at home in your pajamas?

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