IsboxWindows 8 was released a month ago. And oh, the excitement! Probably the most anticipated operating system release in a while now has created a real frenzy among techies like Winston, who couldn’t wait to get his paws on it and try it out. What about you? Have you tested its cool new features?  Has it swept you off your feet?


Whether we’re fans or not, we’ve got to admit it: the difference from its predecessors is huge, almost game-changing, as reviewers from PC Advisor have put it. With a brand new shell and user interface, based on Microsoft’s Metro design language, Windows 8 was created with both traditional PCs and finger-friendly devices in mind. To give credit to reviewers from Engadget, the “Live Tiles” are probably the cornerstone of the Windows 8 experience. Impossible to avoid, these apps run at full-screen, and can’t be minimized or re-sized the way you were used to.

Already enjoying all of Win 8 perks?

Make sure no unwanted “guests” breach into your new system.

With Win 8 it’s easier to browse, connect and share – or so Microsoft touts. But don’t expect the easiness to run risk-free! Whether you go on social networks to connect with friends, download apps, photos – you name it – cybercrooks know just how to exploit the benefits the online experience gives you, and turn them into their benefits. Which is why you need proper security to guard off all malicious intents and ensure you enjoy all things digital.

Case in point:  The built-in mobile broadband features in Win 8 support 3G and 4G. This means that, “as you move, your PC will automatically find and use available WiFi hotspots.” Talk about easily staying in touch with everything, everywhere!  But the dangers of unsecured Wifi networks are also everywhere: viruses, hackers, prying eyes etc. Why not get surefire protection from all of these?

If you’ve installed Win 8 already, you have to make sure your PC is protected with an effective security product, compatible with Microsoft’s latest OS. And you guessed right! BullGuard Internet Security 2013 is Win 8 compatible. Adjustments were made to this award-winning security suite to bring you the secure Win 8 experience. Some of which are:

  • Support for Win 8 Metro style application repair.
  • Firewall support for Metro style apps, automatically allowing Metro style apps; enhanced Firewall engine.
  • Connection redirection using Windows Filtering Platform.
  • Notice, upon security expiration, to Win 8 Action Center of the expired state.

In case you’re looking for assurance, BullGuard Internet Security 2013 has been awarded the Windows 8 approval certification by several independent testing bodies, including AV-Test, AV-Comparatives and Microsoft itself.

BullGuard protects you and your computer silently behind the scenes, so that you enjoy a seamless online experience.

So, have you upgraded your Win PC to Windows 8? Get BullGuard to protect it. Try it free now.

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