iPhone Users Becoming More Attractive Targets To Cybercrooks?

IPhone cybercrooks target_blogAre you engaging in unsafe behaviour on your mobile device that could be putting your mobile security at risk?

 A while back we were discussing the increasing number of malicious software targeting mobile devices, especially those running the Android operating system. Android has been the most popular malware target, in part due to its open source platform which makes it easier for cybercriminals to find and exploit platform flaws. And what’s even more alarming is that reportedly, Google’s App Verification Service in the latest Android version performs very poorly at identifying malicious apps, detecting only 15.32% of known malware, compared to mobile security apps from specialized companies.

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BullGuard’s Backup Feature Makes It Easy For You To “Share With Friends”

Bullguard backup feature blogThe holiday season is now behind us but surely, you’ve captured all those magical moments spent with your family. You can re-live them just by accessing your photos and videos with a few clicks from time to time, on the device you have them stored on. You’ve probably thought of getting them all backed-up, just to keep them safe, in case your device breaks down beyond recovery. And of course, you’ve thought of making copies for your friends as well, even though it may take a while to upload them to a sharing site, where your friends can go and see them.

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Are You Buying More Than You Bargained For?

Electronics bundled with malware_blogIn the last year, there have been several instances where new, unused devices were found to already have malware installed on them. Imagine saving up for your HTC Magic Smartphone and finally walking in to Vodafone to purchase it. All that’s on your mind is what new ringtone you’re going to put on it. But when you get it home, and turn it on, you find it’s infected with malware! You’re already at risk of identity theft and you’ve barely even turned it on. Congratulations, you just purchased a device with malware pre-installed.

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Software Vulnerabilities Part I: Apps Putting Your Mobile Security At Risk

Vulnerabilities in mobile apps_blogWho would have thought that an app downloaded from a safe source could still put your mobile security at risk? That’s right, hackers have found another way to reach innocent users. This new method isn’t about creating corrupt apps, but instead by targeting legitimate apps, identifying weaknesses and using them against you, the user.

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BullGuard Receives The Top Rated Award From AV-Comparatives

Av_top_ratedJust last month we were announcing that BullGuard Internet Security 2013 had received the Advanced+ Certification from AV-Comparatives, following the “Real-World Protection Test” performed by AV-Comparatives’ experts in Aug-Nov 2012. This means that out of the 21 security products tested, BullGuard made it among the very best, alongside brands like Trend Micro, Bitdefender and Kaspersky, in AV-Comparatives’ “Cluster 1.” Now, we’ve got another announcement that we’re proud to make:

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Have you heard about the image-stealing Trojan?

Internet security breach image -stealing Trojan_blogA new piece of malware was recently reported to breach the internet security of regular web users: the image-stealing Trojan. Yes, as it turns out, malware can now steal photos as well.

 Here’s how this Trojan works: it targets Windows machines, and is programmed to search through your hard drive for ‘.jpg’, ‘.jpeg’ and ‘.dmp’ files. Once these files have been located, your now infected system uploads the files to a remote server. While it has been reported that the server is hosted in Iraq, it is still unknown as to the actual location of the individuals responsible for this operation.

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How To Become A Better Netizen In 2013?

Resolutions_blogAt the start of a new year, we all make promises to improve ourselves and to live happier.

 You’ve probably jotted down your new year’s resolutions by now. Planning to lose weight, to quit smoking or to enjoy life more? These are among the most popular goals people try to stick to throughout the year.

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Adware Is On The Loose

Adware_blogAdware is getting more and more aggressive, and it is most certainly invading your privacy. For those of you new to adware, the term is most commonly used to refer to ads that come embedded in free applications, as a means of monetization. So if you’ve been receiving those annoying pop-ups either on your mobile device or PC, adware is responsible for them.

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