Happy_Valentine'sSir Winston here! As we’re all still getting to know one another, you probably aren’t aware that I am a BIG romantic at heart. After all, what’s not to love about love?

Valentine’s Day wasn’t actually associated with the idea of love until the 1200’s, but by the 1400’s it was common practice to express your undying love for your sweetheart on February the 14th by giving flowers, chocolates and handmade cards.

Today, it’s become a bit of a Hallmark holiday, being perceived to serve commercial purposes, mainly, but I’m still determined to find the romance in it all… So who’s the lucky lady you ask? Unfortunately, I’m currently without a lover, so I’ve decided to embrace all of you, my fellow BullGuard lovers and protect you from the nasty Valentine scams out there.

Check out these blogs on safe Valentine’s Day shopping and avoiding Valentine scams that you’ll come across this week.

More importantly, get out there and ask that cute guy or gal out! And if you can’t think of anyone cute, do something nice for someone and spread the love.

Don’t forget fellow BullGuard lovers to check back in regularly, you’ll either learn more:

  • a. interesting things about me or
  • b. about how to stay safe online.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Chaps!

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