Smartphones Of The Future. What To Expect?

Smartphone of the future_blog1Remember that? – The brick phone. It was ginormous! And now look at what we’re all carrying around. We’ve pretty much all gotten rid of the flip phone, and now our phones are all screen, and touch screen at that! They’re already basically mini-computers in your pockets, so what on earth will they look like and do for us in the future?

BullGuard Receives The Highest Certification From AV-Comparatives

Pack_blog_03‘Tis the season to receive awards!

 Last week we were announcing that BullGuard Internet Security 2013 achieved the perfect score in Protection from the AV-TEST Institute. Today, we have yet another exciting announcement to make: in the latest on-demand test performed by Av-Comparatives on 20 antivirus products, BullGuard registered one of the highest malware protection rates, worthy of the highest distinction awarded by the independent testers: The Advanced + Certificate.

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Your Mobile Location Is Giving You Away

Mobile location_blogDid you know that your activity on your phone can be tracked without your knowledge and used to identify you? Consider for a minute all of the information you have posted, listed, registered and shared about yourself across all of the different websites you frequent, and then think about what would happen if this information was aggregated and put in the hands of a cybercriminal. Not good, right?

New Mobile Vulnerabilities Discovered Part 2

Mobile vulnerabilities_blogAndroids are suffering from yet another mobile security issue that you most definitely should be aware of. What is your first line of defence against cybercriminals and snoopers? Good guess, but no, it’s not BullGuard Mobile Security… it’s your handset’s lock screen. It’s a security measure that should be employed by all to protect your mobile device; in fact, some companies mandate that their employees have their phones on password protection if they have work email on that device, to ensure mobile privacy.

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BullGuard Gets Perfect Score in Protection from the AV-TEST Institute

Blog_photo_AV-Test_Jan-Feb 2013New antivirus test scores are in and we’re thrilled to announce that BullGuard has yet again beaten out the other products with a near perfect score!

 It wasn’t too long ago that we were sharing BullGuard’s impressive results in the AV Comparatives’ tests, and now, it’s time for the AV-Test Institute to release its quarterly test results.

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How Pirated Software Can Put You At Risk

Pirated software_blogHave you ever attempted to download for free a piece of software that usually sells for large sums and you entered an infinite sequence of clicking on download buttons or on links that claimed your download should start immediately? You soon realized it was all a scam and you ended up with no application instead and your email address included in a spammer’s database.

New Mobile Vulnerabilities Discovered

New mobile vulnerabilities_part_1_blogIf you are a cloud user, your smartphone is vulnerable than most. Yes, your mobile security is once again at risk – it just never stops! The crux of this latest mobile vulnerability: residual files remain on your smartphone even after the files have been uploaded to the cloud. So what does that mean? Hackers may be able to utilize these residual files to gain access to your cloud and the files saved within it.