Sir Winston here! And I’m thrilled to chat to you about SimCity, arguably the most anticipated game ever. I was obsessed with it as a pup, so the question is – am I obsessed with it now?

SimCity launched on PCs in March with a few hiccups (server problems that have since been resolved) and will be available on Macs on June 11th.  And let me tell you, it is fantastic! The game is as complex as ever and crisply beautiful. Unfortunately you do always have to have an internet connection when playing, but I’m willing to give up some things just to have this glorious game back! Mayor Winston has quite a ring to it, don’t you think? There’s nothing like building a city, with no check on power – I will bulldoze your house or launch a tornado in your area if I so please. The user-friendly tools, and cleanly designed interface make it so easy! However, I do have 2 major issues with it.

  • Issue One:

I do have a small issue with the roads, but I suppose it’s one I’ll have to learn to adapt to. A structure can only be built when directly attached to a road, and for the duration of its existence it belongs to that road. That means that if you build an expensive power plant by a single lane road in the beginning stages of the game, and then want to evolve that road to a multi-lane highway, you either have to bulldoze your powerplant, or forgo the road.

  • Issue Two:

My second issue is the size of the maps we’re playing on. They’re just not big enough when you add in hills and dales – I like my landscape to look like the English countryside I was raised in. The worst part is just as you’re really getting into it, the invisible land barrier pops up and you’re stuck! Yes, the ultimate goal is for Maxis to adapt this into an online and social game, where cities can share resources and utilities. While it’s not working reliably right now, it is spectacular when it does work as it should, as it allows you to rely on the resources of your neighbour so you can focus on design – something that usually you have to wait until your city is quite developed for!

All in all, I love it – just in case that point hasn’t come through here. But you should be aware that you will hit some frustrating roadblocks, such as the two I’ve mentioned above. But does that stop from playing hours on end? Not one bit.
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