The biggest hacking case in US history

Credit card hackingThe U.S has launched the largest hacking fraud case. The investigation behind this monumental case exposed 5 men in Russia and Ukraine that ran a hacking operation that allegedly stole over 160 million credit card numbers over the last 7 years. The total loss of these thefts is estimated to be hundreds of millions of dollars. Many of the victims are large corporations such as JC Penny, Visa, Dow Jones, and 7-Eleven. Just three of those reported $300m in losses.

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Facebook Virus disguised into a friendly link

Bank account_resizedGetting online and chatting to friends via social media is now as common as talking to your neighbour. But your neighbour is not likely to dip your pocket or try and extract banking information from you.  To keep yourself protected against the heinous and nefarious on social networking sites you need to practice good identity theft protection with simple antivirus tools – or you may suddenly find yourself seriously out of pocket.

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Mobile malware has seen an increase by 614% this year

Mobile malwareMobile Malware up by 614%

Mobile Malware has seen the highest growth in the hacker industry over the last year, reaching it’s peak growth this year, at 614%. Growth of 614% in a year is a shocking stastic, but when framed against last years growth of 155%, it becomes even more substantial and the mind boggles at what we’ll be looking at in 2014.

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Fake Google Chrome update – malware by email

Update Google ChromeWhat’s in a Shady Update? Trojan, Anyone?

Cybercriminals are well known for their preference to cash in on people’s interest in what’s new and hot in the e-world. Web sites apparently hosting the latest browser updates count as classic honeypots as it would almost be a shame  for e-crooks to disregard the huge potential of security conscious users’ fears in the race for illegal gains.

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Is my SIM card at risk? Do I need SIM Card protection?

SIM data protection 
Destroying a myth: the unbreakable SIM card
Your personal information, banking and credit card info can all be at risk. If the phrase”SIM card protection” doesn’t ring a bell, then we strongly advise you to keep reading to learn more.

Before we get into explaining how a SIM (subscriber identity module) card can be exploited and why we need to secure it, we must first see what exactly the SIM card is. 

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