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An email has recently surfaced telling recipients that they are infected by a virus and to ensure their systems are safe they must reply with email, name and password.

The email allegedly comes for a system administrator claiming these details are required to do a virus scan.

However, it’s fake.

How can I be sure this is in fact a fake virus alert?

For a start, a system administrator wouldn’t ask for these details.  More than likely, if you receive the email on a work computer, a system administrator will either do a virus scan remotely or come and see you personally.

If you receive the email virus alert on a home computer, ask yourself why an anonymous system administrator you have never spoken to before would want access to your computer? It never happens.

Email virus alert

Also note the conflicting information and poor English. It claims a high number of spam and then a single virus. In short, it doesn’t make sense.

Be on your guard against all emails asking for your personal information.

They are invariably phishing attempts designed to extract your personal information.


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