PC doctor account confirmationImagine a normal day at work. You, a cup of coffee and, obviously, your computer. First things first: operation log in. Many of us have fallen into this rut and we don’t even realize that this apparently insignificant action dictates how the rest of the day goes. As you go through piles and piles of e-mails, the peril of suspicious attachments looms closer than you’d think.

Casually clicking on links received in emails…

According to a common scenario, a suspicious message invites you to confirm your service x membership and asks for an account verification. Just one click on the e-mail attachment and everything is solved.


Yahoo confirmation

But your antivirus has something to tell you: there is malware there, instead of a security update.

Once your computer is infected you are about to be dragged into further scams

Cybercriminals often use such hijacked accounts to launch further scams, spam campaigns and send malware. Once they have gained access to the hijacked account, they will often send e-mails to all of the people on the account’s contact list, claiming that the account holder is in a very difficult situation and desperately needs financial assistance. Or, if they succeed to install malware on the user’s computer, they could get full access to that system.

In order to stay safe, just remember that the companies providing free email services would never request account details such as usernames and passwords via an unsolicited email. Moreover, they would never send files to their users. And, as usual, a good antivirus solution could definitely be the answer for your PC problems.

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Sabina has background training in applied informatics and statistics, biology, and foreign languages and literatures. In 2003, she obtained a Master’s degree in Systems Ecology, and in 2009 a PhD degree in Applied Informatics and Statistics. In May 2013, she started as an independent e-threats researcher, and in August, she became part of the BullGuard Marketing Team, as a Social Media Specialist after previous experience at Bitdefender as part of the E-Threat Analysis and Communication Team.

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