Parental control – Social Media protection for your children

Parental control and social mediaParental control for social media

BullGuard Internet Protection allows parents to keep abreast of their children’s social media activity and flag up behaviour that might lead to negative consequences. If you’re looking for Facebook protection and parental controls then this is the product for you.Read on to find out more…

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Security vulnerability for Western Union and Sify Mail Service users

Security vulnerabilityPassword reset
exploits affect Western Union and Sify mail service

On Thursday, a hacker group called Cyber Reloaded Offensive Gangstas (Cyber RoG), released in the wild two videos showing how to exploit a “Password Reset” vulnerability for Western Union and Sify Mail Service users.

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Social Media sites for kids or when networking meets education

Social media for kidsIn this day and age, it’s never too early to start networking. However, as social network sites such as Facebook have age limitations (13 years of age and up), there are younger age groups that are left without a social network to call their own. Why would a six year old need to be able to participate in a social networking site you ask?


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