Plush day Winston‘Ello chaps! Today is Plush Animal Lover’s Day, and as a
rather plush, albeit real animal myself, I encourage you all to celebrate and
rejoice! It’s simple really, today is the day to love your stuffed animals a
little more than normal. Perhaps they’re not as plush as they once were, it
shouldn’t matter, they still deserve to be celebrated.



Supposedly, this tradition goes back as far as the 80’s. October 28th used to be known as Teddy Bears Picnic Day, but all of the other stuffed animals felt left out, and wanted a day of their own as well. Today is now known as Plush Animals Lover’s Day, and all are invited.

Need some ideas for how to celebrate Plush Animal Lover’s Day? Here you go:

  1. Have a ‘show and tell’ party, get your friends and their stuffed animal over to share stories
  2. Don’t have a plush animal? Get yourself a new one, treat yourself!
  3. Throw a tea party – and invite all of your stuffed animals and your friends
  4. Bring your favorite stuffed animal to school
  5. It’s no fun being the only one with a plush stuffed animal, get someone you love one as well!

I’ve been invited to a tea party, which I think is a most fabulous way to celebrate plush animals.

How will you celebrate today?


Sir Winston.


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