Cardless Cash Access replaces bank credit cards with smartphonesThe future of mobile banking is now, and it’s happening. In an effort to make banking safer and easier for their customers the American Bank, City National Bank is launching “Cardless Cash Access”.




Essentially it’s an app that enables customers to withdraw cash from an ATM through your mobile phone, instead of through the more traditional methods. It seems like a great idea, one that taps into existing consumer behavior – after all we’re on our phones for just about everything these days.

Cardless Cash Access replaces bank credit cards with smartphones

How does it work?

Users simply have to register their phone and download the app, which you’ll be pleased to hear is password protected. Up to 24 hours before you need the cash, simply enter into the app how much you’d like to withdraw and select which local ATM machine you’d like to withdraw from. When you get to the ATM machine (within 24 hours), scan the QR code on the machine, it will instantaneously spit out your cash, and you’ll get a withdrawal notification sent to your phone.

What happens if you lose your phone, or worse, if it gets stolen?

Because the app is password protected, your bank account and its contents shouldn’t be at risk. But if that doesn’t leave you feeling overly comfortable, you’ll be pleased to hear that your account information is all stored on a secure cloud server – meaning it’s just as secure as any other banking app.

Check out this YouTube video for more details on how you may never need an ATM card again:

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