Malware alert! A new malware that can break up to 100 banks just surfaced

CCA new virus has been detected that targets banking details. Dubbed ‘neverquest’ it breaks new ground in terms of its reach and the potential damage it can do.

Apparently, it can break into the accounts of about 100 different banks and uses just about every trick in the hacker’s handbook to do so. Moreover, there’s a widespread belief within the industry that it could do a lot of damage and potentially infect millions of vulnerable computers.



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UK cyber crime team issue red alert on email spam from ‘banks’

email-scam-bankThe UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit(NCCU) has issued an alert about mass email spamming in which people are receiving emails that are allegedlyfrom banks and other financial organisations.

Apparently tens of millions of people in the UK could have received the emails with small and medium businesses in particular being targeted.  The chances are that variants of this email will also begin appearing across the rest of Europe in due time.

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