Sony's PlayStation 4 successfully hacked Not even a month after its release, the PS4 has experienced a serious hack. Hacker Reckz0r has figured out a way to hack the PS4 and play pirated games on it. Obviously, this is quite a coup  for the hacker, considering how expensive Playstation games can be, and Reckz0r has decided not just to keep the information to himself. Reck0r has published a tutorial on how to jailbreak the PS4.



Sony has acknowledged the hack, and has already direct messaged Reckz0r from the official Playstation account on Twitter (part of the conversation was posted by Reckz0r on his Twitter account. Other sites however have classified this hack as ‘untested’ which means it may not be a real hack. There also seems to be some controversy over whether the hack was really done by Reckz0r or whether he’s simply published a ‘how to’ on behalf of another hacker.

There are still many unknowns in this case, but one thing is certain – it is best to stay away from the hack, and play by Sony’s rules for the best PS4 game experience.

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