Yahoo email accounts hacked

Yahoo email accounts hackedChange your password!

Yahoo, the world’s second largest email service, has revealed an attempted hack on customer’s email accounts. The company hasn’t said how many accounts have been hacked but it has said it is contacting those who have been affected.

Yahoo is believed to have about 273 million accounts worldwide, including 81 million in the US. If you’ve got a Yahoo account, and haven’t received a notification from the company, it’s worth changing your password anyway, just to be on the safe side.

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Will Google Glass become the next iPhone?

Google glassWe’re all waiting patiently for Google Glass to go on sale. But as we wait, consider for a minute how Google Glass would work for you should you not have perfect 20/20 vision? It’s funny because even though they look like they’re glasses, they’re not. Fear not, Rochester Optical has developed prescription lenses that can be worn with the wearable tech. These ‘digital high definition prescription lenses’ are anticipated to expand into fashion and sport lenses for Google Glass when the product launches.


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Can Facebook read your private messages?

Can Facebook read your private messages?According to a report earlier this month, the answer to that question could be Yes. Based on the class action lawsuit Facebook is facing, it’s alleged that the global social networking site has violated its users’ right to privacy. 

Apparently our private messages are not private from Facebook, as the site has been accused of scanning private messages containing URL’s in order to conduct data mining and user profiling. Facebook is fighting back, “We believe the allegations are without merit and we will defend ourselves vigorously”.

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3 Apps to help you keep your New Year Resolutions

New year resolutionsWe all start the year with the best intentions, but as we approach the end of January perhaps you’ve found yourself faltering with your resolutions.

Merely a few weeks ago, we all had grand plans to finally lose that weight, save money, and quit smoking, but the reality is change is hard and life often gets in the way.

Here are 3 apps that actually can help you keep your new year resolutions – check them out!

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Amazon Delivery Drones

Amazon Delivery DronesIn all likelihood at least one of the presents you ordered online over the most recent holiday period was purchased from and delivered to you by Amazon.

You’d have to live under a rock to not be aware of Amazon’s delivery issues in the United States… after an unexpectedly large rise in last minute online shopping, Amazon was caught off guard, and failed to deliver some products in time for Christmas.


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Top tips and app advice on protecting your iPhone

Top tips and app advice on protecting your iPhoneThere are a whopping 300 million iPhones in active use today.  It’s a difficult number to get your ahead around because it’s just too large.

But think of it in terms of the population of the US which is just over 300 million, or five times the total number of people in the UK, and you get a better sense of how insanely popular these funky, snazzy smart phones are.


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Are you on Snapchat? You could have been hacked!

4.6 million Snapchat users were hacked this month, were you one of them? Usernames and phone numbers were stolen and if that weren’t bad enough, the data was also posted online on a site called, which has since been taken down. While the last digits of each phone number were censored, and the site is no longer online, it has been reported that a cached version can still be accessed.

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High profile hacks in 2013: BBC, Skype, Target and Snapchat

High profile hacks in 2013As we move into 2014, the tail end of 2013 has certainly been a busy period for hackers.  Perhaps the Target hack, in which 40 million credit/debit card details were stolen, will go down as one of the largest and most damaging of 2013. But a raft of smaller attacks which followed Target illustrated just how every day hacking is.



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