Cybercrime costs $1 trillion With every new tablet, computer, GPS system in a vehicle and even healthcare assets like pacemakers, the opportunities for cyber criminals appear to be endless.

As a result, cyber crimes are becoming increasingly sophisticated, techniques have evolved which is why here at BullGuard we do our best to keep you educated on the latest updates so that you’re always one step ahead of the cyber criminals.


Not too long ago, the Council on Foreign Relations announced the annual cost of cybercrime, globally.They estimated anywhere between $114 billion and $1 trillion.

Now before you think all of that is going straight into the cyber criminals pockets, be aware that this number takes into consideration all different types of cyber-attacks, including identity theft and hacking, but also costs to cover the damages associated with such attacks, including the expensive task of resetting and cleaning up each component of a compromised network.

In order to reduce this massive impact on the global economy, it’s vital that we each take responsibility for our own personal cyber safety. Check out the BullGuard product line to find the right security software suite for you.

Written by Kirsten Dunlaevy (200 Posts)

Kirsten Dunlaevy is a blogger for BullGuard. With a background in advertising and branding she is extremely familiar with the ups and downs of social media and the world of communication. Kirsten is here to educate you on how to navigate all things digital, in a safe and responsible manner. Her other passions are decidedly un-digital, she loves being out on the water and cooking.

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