BullGuard joins hands with Get Safe Online
BullGuard has teamed up with Get Safe Online a UK-based organisation dedicated to helping people protect themselves online.

The partnership will help promote awareness about online safety issues and the need for consumers and businesses to think carefully about online protection.




What is Get Safe Online?

Well, we are glad you asked. Get Safe Online is an organisation which has a great track record in developing awareness across many areas of online activity. This ranges from shopping online, safeguarding children and social networking.

It also does a lot of good work for small businesses. This includes information on basic safety rules to related areas such as information security, data protection and disposal of computer assets.

And of course, its mission dovetails neatly with BullGuard’s wider aims to also promote online safety.

Get Safe Online is a jointly-funded initiative between several government departments and a number of private sector businesses.


How will BullGuard help Get Safe Online?

As a partner, BullGuard will help Get Safe Online in a number of different ways such as providing expertise, intelligence and advice.

As an online security company BullGuard is in a sense at the coal face and we understand how cyber crime evolves, the methods that hackers use and how the industry is shaping up in the near future.

And part of BullGuard’s mission is to help inform and educate our customers about online threats and how to safeguard against them.

Here’s to a great partnership.

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