Less of a smoking gun and more of a bubbling volcano

Less of a smoking gun and more of a bubbling volcanoDid the FBI cleverly direct hackers to break into the servers of foreign governments? And did it do so without the hackers being aware of who was really directing their actions? We can’t give a definitive ‘yes’ for legal reasons, but anybody in possession of the facts couldn’t help but reach that conclusion.

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BullGuard helps children’s wishes come true

BullGuard helps children’s wishes come trueOn April 26th, the Great Radio Marathon will kick off. Radio DJ Lennart Creël will try to break the world record for making radio. He will be broadcasting on Club FM for no less than 190 hours. With this attempt to set a new record, Lennart wants to bring attention to Make A Wish Flanders.

Make a Wish is a charity organisation that helps seriously ill children by granting their wishes.

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NEWS ALERT! Massive security flaw threatens Internet

6a0154366bdf49970c01a5119a62be970c-800wiHeart Bleed bug exploits popular encryption tool – most Internet servers affected – fix is available but needs to be applied swiftly – even cyber criminals are exposed.

An enormous security flaw has been discovered that threatens the entire Internet. Dubbed Heart Bleed, its panicked internet services providers and sent many system administrators – the people who look after an organisation’s computer networks – into a bit of a frenzy.

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Why is Internet running slow and how to speed it up

Why is Internet running slow?
Sometimes the speeds of our Internet connections are not what they could be. If you’re feeling a bit frustrated at your connectivity speed read on for a few tips on how to get things moving a little faster.

Back in the day, when connecting to the Internet via a dial up modem was accompanied by an odd medley of electronic tweeting and whistling sounds, connections used to slow down in the late afternoon. It was often attributed to the fact that America was waking up and people on the other side of the Atlantic were yawning their way onto the Internet. This meant that the pipes that Internet traffic travelled down became more congested hence connections predictably became slower in the afternoon.
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How to remove toolbars from Firefox (with pictures)

How to remove toolbar from FirefoxSo, you have managed to install a toolbar that you did not wanted in the first place, and now it has taken over Firefox; it has interfered with your browser settings and now you want it removed.

The good part is that removing unwanted toolbars in Firefox is much simpler than getting rid of them from Internet Explorer, so it should all be very easy.

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