Mobile phone spying software : to spy or not to spy?

mobile spyAs the market for mobile phone spy software grows in parallel with all things digital it’s a reasonable question to ask whether it’s legal. The vendors will tell that it is, and it is, but then again if you don’t tell the person you are spying on that you are spying on them, it’s illegal. Confused? Read on.

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Hacking Facebook Accounts- a scam used in online advertising

facebook Hacking Facebook accounts has been commonplace since the beginning of the Facebook era and, of course, one of the preferred methods for implementing social engineering attacks. However, some of these scams are in fact just a small part of a much bigger online advertising pricing system, in which webmasters aim to get more money from their web traffic.

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Antivirus isn’t dead

antivirusComments in the news over the past week have suggested that antivirus software is dead. It’s not true and is actually a dangerous claim to make. Read on for an explanation and understand why you need to stay protected. 

A recent widely reported news story said that antivirus is dead. Such a statement is disingenuous and irresponsible at the very least. It would have been far more accurate to say many antivirus solutions are based on signature-based virus detection and signature-based detection is no longer enough.

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NEWS ALERT: eBay security breached

ebayGlobal auction site, eBay is calling on its users to change their passwords.The move comes after hackers apparently got into one of its databases that contain encrypted passwords and email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers and dates of birth.

The company said it has conducted extensive tests across its networks and has found no evidence of user’s accounts being compromised.

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BullGuard Mobile Security app for Android

BullGuard Mobile SecurityBullGuard Mobile Security is a cutting–edge app that delivers next generation security to protect users against a wide range of threats. It offers industry-leading defence to safeguard against the damage than can arise from loss or theft and provides an array of powerful tools unmatched by competitors.

BullGuard Mobile Security is easy-to-use, provides intuitive operation and doesn’t drain batteries. The app also includes BullGuard Mobile Security Manager, a web-based platform that provides remote access to devices, and answers the problems of safeguarding data faced by today’s mobile users.

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the ApesA virus is set to wipe out humankind while our simian cousins have acquired intelligence equal to, and in some cases, above that of mankind. Apes are set to rule the world while the remaining humans fight against enslavement to chimps, gorillas and orang-utans. And you could find yourself hanging out in the tree tops of an outstandingly beautiful national park near Barcelona. What’s the connection? Read on.

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NEWS ALERT – Bitly hacked – instructions issued for users

 Bitly hackedBitly, the URL shortening service has issued an alert to its users that it has been hacked and account credentials may have been stolen.

The hack seemingly doesn’t affect people who only use Bitly as a basic link-shortening service.
It’s expected that the hack will mainly cause problems for website publishers who use Bitly to share and track story links.But it does affect registered users who use tools like saved links, stat tracking and social network sharing.

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