FREE protection for your Android mobile devices

mobile free BullGuard Mobile Security is now free which means you can get great protection for your Android device without it costing you anything.

The need for mobile security is increasing every day. Attacks on smartphones happen every day and key stroke loggers, trojans, spyware and so on are discovered almost on a daily basis.

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BullGuard Internet Security wins again

BullGuardBullGuard Internet Security 2016 has received another high ranking score from the most trusted consumer test magazine in Germany. This time around German consumer organization Stiftung Warentest has ranked BullGuard Internet Security 2016 the top product in a group test of security suites.

In January this year UK consumer champion Which? endorsed BullGuard Internet Security 2016 with a Which? ‘Best Buy’.

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Simply the best protective power

BullGuardSweden’s leading consumer watchdog Råd & Rön has added further weigh to the protective power of BullGuard Internet Security 2016 by awarding it ‘best-in-test’ an assessment of 18 security software products. The accolade comes just days after a similar award by German consumer organisation Stiftung Warentest and a Best Buy award from UK consumer champion Which? earlier this year.

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The Internet of Things: Consummer Security and Privacy Concerns

IOTThe Internet of Things is more than just a wave of hype – it’s already here thanks to smart TVs, automated heating systems and a wide range of other connected devices. And it’s only going to get bigger as more everyday items connect to the internet. But what does it mean for every day users?

Check this infographic to find out.
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INFOGRAPHIC: Why do people hack Facebook accounts?

Why do people hack Facebook accounts_introPeople just can’t seem to help themselves. The urge to hack into other people’s Facebook accounts is strong. An internet search of hacking Facebook accounts brings up close to 188,000,000 hits. That’s a lot. The reasons are many, from checking out a crush to simple mischievousness but sometimes the motives can be little darker. Discover more…

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“As safe as Fort Knox”

whichBullGuard has scooped a ‘Best Buy’ from Which? for its Internet Security 2016 software suite. If you’re a BullGuard Internet Security user it’s reassurance of the high standards of protection that safeguard you, and if not, perhaps it’s something to consider.

Which? Best Buy’saren’t given out lightly. In fact they’re reserved for “security suites that will keep your computer as safe as Fort Knox.”

This is the conclusion that consumer champion Which? reached after putting BullGuard Internet Security through its paces.

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BullGuard – Awards Finalist

BullGuard has done it again. The company has been nominated as a finalist in the annual PCR Awards, an event that recognises outstanding achievement in the UK PC and tech industry.

BullGuard has been nominated as a finalist in two categories at the PCR Awards 2016, Best Software Publisher and Best Service & Support, a testament to the company’s endeavours in providing the highest levels of protection and support for its customers.  

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BullGuard New Internet Security

image_blogA new version of BullGuard Internet Security is here. It features enhancements designed to deepen protection against new and emerging threats as well as tools to ensure blistering computer performance. There’s also a new backup feature which enables you save your files directly into Dropbox and parental controls that are even more flexible.

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