“The safer you feel, the more vulnerable you are” – Alex Balan, Product Manager at BullGuard

Alex BalanMobile malware is growing at explosive rates. BullGuard’s Alex Balan reveals in a magazine interview, why you shouldn’t be complacent, how to evaluate the worth of a security product and why you need to protect yourself against a billion dollar industry that is dedicated to extracting your personal details from your computer.


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The CISPA bill – all there is to know about it

Big Brother SecurityVoluntary self disclosure of information vs. Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act: who’s the Big Brother watching you?

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), formally known as H.R. 3523, is a cybersecurity bill currently in the House of Representatives that allows the US Government to share confidential “cyber threat intelligence” with private companies, and the other way round.

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Parental controls for social media protection

Cyber bullying and parental control Cyber bullying can have devastating effects as events in the UK over the past few weeks have shown. But how do you protect your children online when web sites owners treat concerned parents with disregard? Do we need more parental controls for social media protection or do web site owners where abuse is carried out need to accept some kind of moral responsibility?

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Bigger than the drugs trade

Hacker and laptop smallIt’s official. The cyber crime industry is more valuable than the global drugs trade. In simple terms, that means cyber villainy is today a highly lucrative and widespread activity.

 A committee of UK politicians have spent the last ten months sifting through a mound of evidence, listening to the testimony of those charged with protecting cyber space and generally diving so deep into the subject they’ve even surprised themselves with what they’ve discovered.


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