Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou…?

online_datingOnline dating is de rigueur these days. But given the number of skanky scamsters prowling the online dating world you’re as likely to meet a lustful Lothario or frightening Medusa as a Romeo or Juliet. At least that’s what respondents to a BullGuard survey said. Read on to see if you’ve fallen foul of online dating traps and pick up some solid tips to keep you safe.

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INFOGRAPHIC: 10 keyboard shortcuts for PCs

computer_shortcutsYou’re galloping along on the keyboard; you’ve got a rhythm going and an energy that’s pushing everything along. Admittedly it’s rare, and staccato, stop start movement is more common. But when you are in that keyboard groove the last thing you want to do is to put the brakes on and switch to the mouse to insert a hyperlink, cut and paste, or pick through the document to check a specific word or phrase. That’s where keyboard short cuts come in really handy.

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Top 10 tips for social media safety

social_media_tipsSocial media platforms are great for staying in the loop, even when you’re out of the loop.

You can chat, post, like and get some banter going with friends – even if you’re 5,000 miles away. But there are enough unsavoury characters trawling these sites that it’s necessary to raise a red flag. There are also enough deep digital potholes for the unwary to stumble into that you really need to be mindful too. You can make sure you’re always safe by following these top ten safety tips.

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The A to Z of malware [INFOGRAPHIC]

Virus alertSo you want to know exactly what malware is. It’s an umbrella term for a wide range of online threats from ubiquitous viruses to spooky scareware and a lot more.

This infographic gives you the inside track on the scourge that is malware and even explains what botnets are; ranks of hijacked computers that among other things, send out malware. Read more

Speed up your computer’s performance [INFOGRAPHIC]

6a019104fef791970c01a73d8f0108970d-800wiIf your computer is running a bit slow and lumpy, there are a few simple tips that can speed it up and have it running like a Formula 1 car on a straight and empty road – that is blisteringly fast.

Some are really simple like clicking a few boxes, others require a little bit more effort, but you’ll be amazed at the difference. 

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BullGuard launches a new feature – Boot Manager – to speed up computer

boot managerFed up with a computer that takes an age and a day to fire up? A new BullGuard feature, Boot Manager, helps you change all that by nailing down the applications and processes that eat up processing power when your computer starts up. This means you can disable the hungry ones and get off to a fast start.

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BullGuard Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children Online

A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children OnlineBullGuard has released a valuable guide to protecting children online. It’s packed with practical tips, the results of a parents’ survey, further references and simple common sense advice. In a seemingly complex area it’s a beacon of simple and sound advice that will help you keep your kids safe online.

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Must Have Android Travel Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

blog-thumbWhether you’ve just returned from a holiday, are planning a trip or are about to set off on a business journey check out  this new infographic. It gives you the run down on a raft of Android apps that help make travelling so much easier.

Setting off on your travels is a great feeling whether you’re planning on kicking back on a beach, clambering up snow-capped mountains or exploring a new city and country. It’s a real buzz.

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