Safe Online Job Hunting

Safe_job_hunting_blogOnline job hunting has become so popular lately, joining trends from other aspects of our lives. Quite a few employers choose to spread the word about job openings via online professional networks. But at the same time, cybercriminals sharpen their skills in stealing personal, contact or financial details by posing as legitimate job advertisers and using applicants’ details to commit fraud.

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What You Need To Know About Passwords

Strong passwords_blogWith all the hacks we’ve been hearing about lately, the need for stronger and unique passwords has become more stringent than ever. Good thing researchers are constantly seeking new ways to enhance the safety and ease of use of online authentication systems. It is possible that in a not so distant future we may even be able to authenticate using pass thoughts instead of passwords.

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How Pirated Software Can Put You At Risk

Pirated software_blogHave you ever attempted to download for free a piece of software that usually sells for large sums and you entered an infinite sequence of clicking on download buttons or on links that claimed your download should start immediately? You soon realized it was all a scam and you ended up with no application instead and your email address included in a spammer’s database.

Beware Of Travel Scams

Travek scams_blogTempted by early booking or last minute offers? Have you ever received a travel offer via email and you don’t remember sending your details to any travel agencies? For nearly half the usual price, they offer you a wonderful and luxurious holiday and you must hurry up, because it’s a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ offer. Well, you’d better watch out – it might as well be a scam!

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