Why a Security Product Fails a Test. And Why It Is Redeemed.

AV Test
You might think that testing security software is an exercise in scientific, unbiased objectivity – a study of mathematical precision. This might lead you to think that such test results are The Truth, and that there is no room for discussion.

If that’s what you think, you’re wrong. Partly wrong, at least.

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Top 5 Things to Check Before Downloading Apps to Your Phone

Mobile AppsYou sooo want those addictive, funny apps. And when you have a craving for a new one, your index finger itching to tap into a new, compelling app universe, you throw caution to the wind. You’re ready to download anything, and – yes, let’s be honest – security measures is the last thing you want to spend time considering.

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Reason 1: We want to fight the bad guys

Reason 2: We want to fight the bad guysSo what are we passionate about, here at BullGuard? People, is the short answer.

We want to educate people and help them make the right decisions. I’ll talk more about that in the next post. We also want to protect people from the very cynical, highly organized criminal organisations that have hijacked the internet.
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Reason 2: We want to help you

Reason 3: We want to help youLet me reiterate:  we’re passionate about keeping things simple and about people. We also feel strongly about building a business success on something we can actually be proud of, not just something that we can make a profit on: the something we’re proud of is our people passion and that passion translates into wanting to help!

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