About Raluca Stanciu

After winning the third place at the national stage of the Microsoft’s Imagine Cup contest ( the Software Development section ), Raluca completed her master’s degree in IT Security and has been working as a security researcher ever since. When not trying to discover the “undergrounds” of the “0s and 1s” world, she is passionate about reading good literature and likes enjoying relaxing jazz sessions.

Cryptolocker Hysteria Exploited by Hackers

Worst computer virusOne of the hottest subjects making headlines in the past few weeks are two related viruses, GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker, and the temporarily takedown of the huge botnet which distributed them.

The reason for the front page news is the amount of damage they have caused worldwide: over $100 million attributed to GameOver Zeus alone, not to mention the amount of money extorted by Cryptolocker from its victims in exchange for file decryption keys.

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Hacking Facebook Accounts- a scam used in online advertising

facebook Hacking Facebook accounts has been commonplace since the beginning of the Facebook era and, of course, one of the preferred methods for implementing social engineering attacks. However, some of these scams are in fact just a small part of a much bigger online advertising pricing system, in which webmasters aim to get more money from their web traffic.

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