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Sabina has background training in applied informatics and statistics, biology, and foreign languages and literatures. In 2003, she obtained a Master’s degree in Systems Ecology, and in 2009 a PhD degree in Applied Informatics and Statistics. In May 2013, she started as an independent e-threats researcher, and in August, she became part of the BullGuard Marketing Team, as a Social Media Specialist after previous experience at Bitdefender as part of the E-Threat Analysis and Communication Team.

The final combat: Winamp vs. Trojan

The final combat: Winamp vs. TrojanJust as AOL announced that the once-popular music service Winamp will be shutting down on December 20, 2013, cybercriminals have started to exploit its users’ sense of nostalgia.

An email is in circulation allegedly written on behalf of the Winamp Team.  It cleverly uses the same language as that used in the original announcement on the Winamp site, informing users about the closure.

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The cybercriminals Pot of Gold- your Personal Information is just 2 clicks away

Personal informationThisis the Internet era, no doubt about it: general public meets infinite variety of information via countless virtual channels. World Wide Web pages, e-mail, online shopping, and virtual chat rooms bring Internet users together (and help set them apart) in technology-mediated interactions and communication.


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“Sensitive information”- How much personal information we share freely?

Personal information sharingThe concept of ‘sensitive information’ has a lot of different definitions, most of them being parts of the laws and regulations of different countries. To sum these definitions up, information is considered to be sensitive if the loss of its confidentiality or availability has severely undesirable effects on organizations or individuals.


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Security vulnerability for Western Union and Sify Mail Service users

Security vulnerabilityPassword reset
exploits affect Western Union and Sify mail service

On Thursday, a hacker group called Cyber Reloaded Offensive Gangstas (Cyber RoG), released in the wild two videos showing how to exploit a “Password Reset” vulnerability for Western Union and Sify Mail Service users.

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One Account Confirmation a Day Keeps the PC Doctor Away

PC doctor account confirmationImagine a normal day at work. You, a cup of coffee and, obviously, your computer. First things first: operation log in. Many of us have fallen into this rut and we don’t even realize that this apparently insignificant action dictates how the rest of the day goes. As you go through piles and piles of e-mails, the peril of suspicious attachments looms closer than you’d think.

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Fake Google Chrome update – malware by email

Update Google ChromeWhat’s in a Shady Update? Trojan, Anyone?

Cybercriminals are well known for their preference to cash in on people’s interest in what’s new and hot in the e-world. Web sites apparently hosting the latest browser updates count as classic honeypots as it would almost be a shame  for e-crooks to disregard the huge potential of security conscious users’ fears in the race for illegal gains.

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