About Steve Bell

Steve has a background in IT and business journalism and in the past has written extensively for both the UK national and trade press including The Guardian, Independent-on-Sunday, The Times, The Register, MicroScope and Computer Weekly. He's also worked for most of the world's largest IT companies in a copy and content producing capacity. He has a particular focus on IT security and has been involved in writing about the industry at various levels ranging from magazine launches to producing newsletters. He also runs a small copy writing business called Art of Words. When not bashing away at a keyboard he can sometimes be found in a boxing gym making futile efforts to keep fit or marveling at the works of Sufi poets such as Jalaluddin Rumi and Hafiz of Shiraz.

Nailing it down

Security policyRunning a small business? Working from home? Then you need to nail down some basic protective measures to ensure you and yours are protected against loss.

A foundation is so fundamental to a house no one would even consider moving anywhere near it much less into it. Security policies are so fundamental to ensuring a business is kept safe that no organisation should set sail without one. But many do.

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A plague on your smartphone

BYODYou may see your wonderful smartphone as an electronic brain in your pocket but IT departments the world over see them as potential plague-carrying devices that can wreak untold damage to a company network from mass data theft to viral infections. You can play your part in ensuring your company’s accounts are not plundered by getting up to speed with the issues and getting ahead of the game.

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Disaster averted: AliExpress website vulnerability

Alibaba site vulnerabilityDespite the security measures organisations put in place, there are often glaring holes. Just recently, one of these could have exposed the personal data of millions of people – if it wasn’t for a sharp application security researcher.

A recently discovered vulnerability on the  AliExpress website potentially exposed the personal information of millions of people.

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2014 – Celebrities exposed, political points made and a game of whack-a-mole just begun

looking back in 2014As the year draws to a close there has certainly been a spike in criminal cyber activity. In a sense, events this year are no different than previous years except the scale of activity is increasing and the damage more widespread. There’s also the irrevocable sense that the cyber and physical worlds are now so finely entangled that actions in one inevitably echo loud and clear in the other.

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Biggest online hacks of all time

data breachEnormous online data loss drives a huge underground industry in phishing and the sale of personal data. It fuels cybercrime and has given rise to many websites on the dark web that trade in personal data. It provides hackers with a reason for being and stokes the fires of nefarious online behaviour. And it is happening with alarming frequency.

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Black Friday Bonanza

Black FridayThe 24 hour sales frenzy is almost upon us. It’s a great time to scoop up some bargains – especially online. However, be wary, cyber criminals come crawling out of the digital ether at this time while many retailers can be extremely disingenuous with their pricing so the apparent bargain may not be all it’s billed as. However, you can avoid the pitfalls by being armed with a simple bit of knowledge, and in the process and scoop up your own bargain.

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Out of control kids?

internet and kidsThe digital generation gap can leave parents floundering as they try to keep up with their children’s digital expertise. Many, understandably, are worried that the kids can be exposed to all sorts of online nasties and don’t know what to do about it. A BullGuard survey illustrates this with the vast majority of parents feeling like their children are growing up far too quickly. But a few simple steps can help educate the children while also ensuring parents can still keep a protective but discreet arm around them.

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Everybody loves email

emailFrom grans and granddads to high flying executives, seasoned IT veterans and thrusting entrepreneurs – everybody loves email so much they don’t even think twice about it. It just is. Hackers love it too because it can be a key to a company’s digital front door – and let your corporate guard down and they’ll be in quicker than you can say Trojan.

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7 rules to protect yourself from phishing scams

PhishingAs internet usage has grown, phishing scams have exploded. It’s easy to see why. A scammer only needs to get a relatively small number of hits to make a success of the scam. That said, many people are now savvy to phishing but as a result phishing sophistication is evolving. Here’s what to watch out for to make sure you’re not taken in.

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