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Steve has a background in IT and business journalism and in the past has written extensively for both the UK national and trade press including The Guardian, Independent-on-Sunday, The Times, The Register, MicroScope and Computer Weekly. He's also worked for most of the world's largest IT companies in a copy and content producing capacity. He has a particular focus on IT security and has been involved in writing about the industry at various levels ranging from magazine launches to producing newsletters. He also runs a small copy writing business called Art of Words. When not bashing away at a keyboard he can sometimes be found in a boxing gym making futile efforts to keep fit or marveling at the works of Sufi poets such as Jalaluddin Rumi and Hafiz of Shiraz.

How to set a password that takes 200 years to crack – it’s easy

PasswordIn May, almost 300 million hacked email addresses have been discovered – yet again – so it’s time to shore up your password defences. Most of this data was outdated and of little use, but it’s still a timely reminder that your first line of defence should be strong password. It’s a lot easier than you think to set an infinitely tough password that is next to impossible to crack. Do this and if your email address is filched of some website you can kick back and cackle with glee knowing that a hacker might have your email address but they’ll never get into any of your accounts. 

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Racists and Barbie meet on common ground

BarbieAs the number of smart internet-connected devices grows into billions so do concerns about lack of security, whether it’s a digital photo frame, a smart TV or even a Barbie doll. A recent attack on the Internet of Things exploited tens of thousands of printers, it was claimed. The hacker described it as fun; others said it’s the shape of things to come.

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The future is almost here –and it’s looking insecure

IoT futureIt might be argued that currently many people have little interest in smart connected devices much less Internet of Things security. But so powerful are the combined commercial interests that are driving this new technology wave that smart devices will soon be as common as electric kettles. And before we know it we’ll accept and use smart technology with as little thought as when we plug in a kettle. To give you a sense of what’s coming we’ve outlined some areas where you’re set to see the growing introduction of IoT. But you shouldn’t blindly accept these technologies just yet, because there are fundamental flaws that device manufacturers don’t tell you about. Read on.

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Security News: IoT botnet hits Brazilian banks, telcos and government; police can’t handle the dark web

hackerIoT botnets unearthed, a signal of what is to come, Android malware that steals identity information hits millions while Android malware is also surging, police forces across the world are struggling to deal with the criminal activities on the dark web, another bank is hit in a Swift hack and more.

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Security News: Fraudsters target Apple users; ‘Panama papers’ arrest

security newsiTunes lovers are targeted by fraudsters, is Adobe Flash going to stutter along for much longer, IT worker arrested in possible Panama Papers leak, ‘evil’ Santa ransomware emerges from cyber grotto, Acer hacked for one year but it’s just letting on now, New York is taken down in a massive (fictional) hack, Tor takes on the FBI and much more.

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LinkedIn advice on hack

LinkedinBusiness network LinkedIn has mailed its 400 million users about the sale of sensitive customer information which was recently put up for sale on the dark web. It hasn’t said sorry (ask the lawyers why) but it is offering advice on what its users can do to protect their accounts. Meanwhile the fall-out from the LinkedIn data sale continues to make ever growing waves. Social network platform Reddit said it has seen an increasing number of its member’s accounts taken over by other people which it believes stems from the LinkedIn data loss –  some people who have accounts with both services use the same password making it easy for users of the stolen LinkedIn data to also access Reddit accounts.

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