NEWS ALERT: Yahoo hack – change your password!

Yahoo hackIf you’ve got a Yahoo mail account you need to change your password. There is every likelihood that it has become compromised as Yahoo becomes the latest corporate to have its defences breached.  Read about the hack and how to set a tough password that is so difficult to crack most hackers wouldn’t even try.

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Security News: Android devices shipping with pre-loaded spyware, ten hackable baby monitors

Mirror your Android device onto a TVLithuanian hacker zeroing in on Manchester (why?), banks developing ‘red teams’, spies clumsily revealing secrets, Android devices shipping with pre-loaded spyware, ten hackable baby monitors and the Internet of Things, and only pen and paper can provide the highest security level… it’s never a dull week in the world of tech security.

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Online pranks and viruses on April Fools’ Day

april fools dayApril Fools’ Day is a time of mirth. Funny stories do the rounds in the press such as chickens laying square eggs complete with pictures and the Queen setting up a fracking rig in the grounds of Buckingham Place. But a word to the wise, as a ‘calendar day’ April Fools’ Day is also used by online tricksters. Discover some of the funny, or not so funny viruses, that have tricked people in the past and arm yourself with some simple information to keep you safe.

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Disaster averted: AliExpress website vulnerability

Alibaba site vulnerabilityDespite the security measures organisations put in place, there are often glaring holes. Just recently, one of these could have exposed the personal data of millions of people – if it wasn’t for a sharp application security researcher.

A recently discovered vulnerability on the  AliExpress website potentially exposed the personal information of millions of people.

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Black Friday Bonanza

Black FridayThe 24 hour sales frenzy is almost upon us. It’s a great time to scoop up some bargains – especially online. However, be wary, cyber criminals come crawling out of the digital ether at this time while many retailers can be extremely disingenuous with their pricing so the apparent bargain may not be all it’s billed as. However, you can avoid the pitfalls by being armed with a simple bit of knowledge, and in the process and scoop up your own bargain.

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National Express – technical security flaw can expose customers’ private data

security flowCoding errors come and coding errors go. But one thing that does remain permanent is that they’re always there, somewhere, ready to be exploited.

National Express is one of the largest transport companies in the UK. Listed on the FTSE, its coaches are a familiar sight on motorways with about 550 every day travelling close to 1,000 destinations. The company is a household name and it’s also rapidly expanding into bus and rail transport in new regions of the world.

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Microsoft “security expert” phone scam

Microsoft scamTelephone scams in which callers claimed to be Microsoft ‘security experts’ offering to fix your computer first surfaced over five years ago. They’re still around and seemingly undergoing something of resurgence. The scammers can’t fix anything they just want your money.

It sometime seems that every other major business on the planet has outsourced its service centre to India. Banks, insurance companies, internet service providers, utility companies, even railway ticket booking services.

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