Yahoo email accounts hacked

Yahoo email accounts hackedChange your password!

Yahoo, the world’s second largest email service, has revealed an attempted hack on customer’s email accounts. The company hasn’t said how many accounts have been hacked but it has said it is contacting those who have been affected.

Yahoo is believed to have about 273 million accounts worldwide, including 81 million in the US. If you’ve got a Yahoo account, and haven’t received a notification from the company, it’s worth changing your password anyway, just to be on the safe side.

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Malware alert! A new malware that can break up to 100 banks just surfaced

CCA new virus has been detected that targets banking details. Dubbed ‘neverquest’ it breaks new ground in terms of its reach and the potential damage it can do.

Apparently, it can break into the accounts of about 100 different banks and uses just about every trick in the hacker’s handbook to do so. Moreover, there’s a widespread belief within the industry that it could do a lot of damage and potentially infect millions of vulnerable computers.



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The final combat: Winamp vs. Trojan

The final combat: Winamp vs. TrojanJust as AOL announced that the once-popular music service Winamp will be shutting down on December 20, 2013, cybercriminals have started to exploit its users’ sense of nostalgia.

An email is in circulation allegedly written on behalf of the Winamp Team.  It cleverly uses the same language as that used in the original announcement on the Winamp site, informing users about the closure.

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