How hackers access your computer

hackThe internet is so huge; no one will attack my computer. This is a common belief. And it’s a myth. Most hacking targets are vulnerable, unpatched computers that can be hijacked and used to launch a thousand attacks and more. Find out why it’s not personal but you’re just as much as a target as the big bank on the corner.

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Hi-tech Movie Myths

hack.movieTraffic lights that are hacked, hotel doors prised open with ease and port security systems infiltrated to move millions of dollars of illicit goods are just some of the themes that crop up in the movies. These scenes were often set up in films years ago but today they’re not just fictional elements in a ripping good yarn, they are reality.

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Secure your passwords – How to stay safe online

Pass ParadoxComputer passwords; they’re mundane and every day and even the most complex can be cracked – eventually. But that shouldn’t stop you from protecting your digital life with a password that will give hackers headaches until an alternative comes along such as the pill which is activated by stomach acid and sends out an 18-bit ECG-like signal or a RFID chip injected into your body. Sounds crazy but being they’re being worked on as you read this. To find out more and how to set a real tough nut password read on.

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Security predictions for 2015

Security predictions 2015As law enforcement ramps up its endeavours against cyber criminals and new mobile payment systems gather steam we can expect to see hackers turn their attentions to developing malware that covers their tracks as well begin probing systems such as Apple Pay and smartphone based payment methods.

We can also expect more of the same in terms of high profile targeted attacks, while low level state-sponsored attacks will become the norm rather than the exception.

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2014 – Celebrities exposed, political points made and a game of whack-a-mole just begun

looking back in 2014As the year draws to a close there has certainly been a spike in criminal cyber activity. In a sense, events this year are no different than previous years except the scale of activity is increasing and the damage more widespread. There’s also the irrevocable sense that the cyber and physical worlds are now so finely entangled that actions in one inevitably echo loud and clear in the other.

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Digital Detox, anyone?

Digital detox, anyone?A digital detox is the latest trend in retreats. Communities are actually depriving themselves of decent broadband connections in order to brand themselves as ‘digital-free destinations’ to attract visitors. The Grenadines in the Caribbean have resorts offering digital detox holiday packages. What does this include you ask?

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Must Have Android Travel Apps [INFOGRAPHIC]

blog-thumbWhether you’ve just returned from a holiday, are planning a trip or are about to set off on a business journey check out  this new infographic. It gives you the run down on a raft of Android apps that help make travelling so much easier.

Setting off on your travels is a great feeling whether you’re planning on kicking back on a beach, clambering up snow-capped mountains or exploring a new city and country. It’s a real buzz.

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How to mirror your Android device onto a TV

Mirror your Android device onto a TV Until recently, Google’s Chromecast only allowed you to access content from certain apps and flip them onto your TV screen. A recent upgrade, however, changes all that and you can now ‘mirror’ everything on your Android device onto the TV. It’s very simple to do. Read on to find out how.

We’ve all gotten used to small bits of technology doing big funky things that we can become a bit unimpressed by the seemingly excessiveness of digital developments.

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