How hackers access your computer

hackThe internet is so huge; no one will attack my computer. This is a common belief. And it’s a myth. Most hacking targets are vulnerable, unpatched computers that can be hijacked and used to launch a thousand attacks and more. Find out why it’s not personal but you’re just as much as a target as the big bank on the corner.

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BullGuard Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children Online

A Parents’ Guide to Protecting Children OnlineBullGuard has released a valuable guide to protecting children online. It’s packed with practical tips, the results of a parents’ survey, further references and simple common sense advice. In a seemingly complex area it’s a beacon of simple and sound advice that will help you keep your kids safe online.

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Online Identity theft skyrockets

ID theftWith so many attacks aimed at everyday computer users, it’s often difficult to nail hacker motives. But a recent analysis of cyber theft during 2014 data reveals a startling new trend – ID theft is the top priority for hackers, over and above credit card information theft for example. In the light of these figures, if you weren’t already, it’s time to get serious about protection.

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Have you seen what you look like online?

data privacy day

Everything we post online is forever present in cyberspace. Emails, updates, messages – even those old photos and videos that make us cringe are stored somewhere in the World Wide Web and can be found if you know where to look. There’s no such thing as a delete button online and given that social networks are often the first port of call for potential employers (or admirers!) it pays to clean up our profiles. BullGuard offers some simple tips on how to come across well online and avoid leaving behind a trail of digital mischief. We also reveal the results of a survey which show just how savvy people are when it comes to looking after their online profile – you might be surprised.

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Everybody loves email

emailFrom grans and granddads to high flying executives, seasoned IT veterans and thrusting entrepreneurs – everybody loves email so much they don’t even think twice about it. It just is. Hackers love it too because it can be a key to a company’s digital front door – and let your corporate guard down and they’ll be in quicker than you can say Trojan.

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Digital Mission Creep

privacyThe UK’s National Health Service is set to launch a sweeping scheme designed to promote better healthcare and greater efficiencies. To be successful it requires the collating of patient data in a centralised database. But critics point out that private medical records could be exposed to all and everybody. The argument illustrates how the notion of privacy is being rapidly eroded in the digital age.

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Facebook Privacy Checkup

Facebook PrivacyEarlier this month, Facebook launched their “Privacy Checkup Tool” which enables you to easily review what you’re sharing, and with whom.

If you’re a regular reader of the BullGuard blog (if you’re not, you should be – sign up here!), you’ll know that with so many frequent privacy updates on Facebook, it can be hard to stay on top of these updates and how it could impact you and your account.

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NEWS ALERT: fraudsters launch phishing emails to steal Apple IDs and passwords

phishing appleApple launches its new phone and watch – fraudsters launch phishing emails to steal Apple IDs and passwords

No sooner does Apple launch its new iPhone 6, smart watch and its much touted online payment system Apple Pay, than new phishing attempts designed to extract personal Apple ID details appear.

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The World of Apple

AppleAlong with the release of the iPhone 6 and a smart watch Apple also unveiled a new online payment system. And the good news is that it certainly looks secure – on paper, anyway.

The media storm that accompanied the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and its smart watch has almost settled down. Now the serious questions are being asked.

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