5 apps that may be dangerous for teens

mobile apps and teensAs a parent all you want to do is make sure the kids are safe online. It sounds easy enough but without stepping all over the children’s privacy it’s certainly not simple. Communication is central and ladles of diplomacy are often required too. Today’s teens are the true digital generation and they’re well versed in all the important apps used by their peer groups. But are they aware of the dangers and are you? To bring you up to speed, below is a run-down of the most popular apps/sites used by today’s teens.

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Who’s tracking your smartphone?

who is tracking your smartphoneThere are so many organisations keen on scooping up your personal data it might be more pertinent to ask who isn’t tracking your smartphone? From third party data agents to app creators, retailers, social networks and intelligence agencies the list is lengthy. And ironically many people don’t even know it’s happening – so here is what’s going on and why and also useful tips to protect yourself from the snoopers.

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The Phablet Phenomenon

The Phablet PhenomenonThe Western World is rapidly moving towards mobile computing; it’s fast, easy and powerful and in most cases can enable the same, and higher, levels of computing as desktop PCs and laptops. As a result, phablets, a hybrid smartphone and tablet are becoming increasingly popular with analysts predicting that their growth will eventually outstrip that of tablets and traditional smartphones. They are serious devices, but they also need serious protection.

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A plague on your smartphone

BYODYou may see your wonderful smartphone as an electronic brain in your pocket but IT departments the world over see them as potential plague-carrying devices that can wreak untold damage to a company network from mass data theft to viral infections. You can play your part in ensuring your company’s accounts are not plundered by getting up to speed with the issues and getting ahead of the game.

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Kids & Mobile Use [INFOGRAPHIC]

kids-mobile-useA BullGuard survey of 2,000 parents with children between the ages of 7 and 14 revealed that one in seven parents had discovered something unsuitable on their kid’s smartphone or tablet.

The survey on mobile usage revealed just how concerned parents are and also at the same time how they sometimes feel powerless. For instance, stranger danger is the #1 concern with parents expressing understandable anxiety about their children being ‘courted’ by people they don’t know.

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Parent’s struggle with children’s mobile usage

kids-mobile-useA comprehensive survey of children’s mobile usage reveals that parents are finding it difficult to keep ahead of their children’s surfing habits and harbour concerns about the dangers kids face particularly around stranger danger and cyber bullying.

It may be cold comfort but those parents who have found inappropriate content on their child’s mobile device are not alone. A BullGuard survey of 2,000 parents with children between the ages of 7 and 14 revealed that one in seven parents had discovered something unsuitable on their kid’s smartphone or tablet.

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Ten top tips to keep your mobile device safe

Top 10 Android Security tipsAndroid is now the most popular operating system in the world for mobile devices with well over a billion devices running it. And smart phones are not just phones, they carry so much personal information they’re like digital vaults that need protecting. We provide an insight into the threats currently targeting Android devices and ten top tips on how to safeguard your mobile digital life.

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Mobile hacking – the new trend in the mobile app hacking world

Mobile hackingThis blog sometimes runs the risk of become something of a Cassandra given the nature of the topics we cover. But we’d be failing in our duty if we didn’t bring things to your attention we think you should be aware of. As the old saying goes, ‘Forewarned is forearmed.’

And that said there’s rarely a dull moment in the online world with headline leading hacks happening on an almost weekly basis.  And the issues that have surfaced recently are very relevant to everyone who makes use of mobile computing.

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Top tips and app advice on protecting your iPhone

Top tips and app advice on protecting your iPhoneThere are a whopping 300 million iPhones in active use today.  It’s a difficult number to get your ahead around because it’s just too large.

But think of it in terms of the population of the US which is just over 300 million, or five times the total number of people in the UK, and you get a better sense of how insanely popular these funky, snazzy smart phones are.


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