Data Protection Act – changes 2015

EU data reformEverything you need to know on the new EU Regulation

The European Union’s decision to change data protection laws is a massive boost for individual privacy. It puts privacy back in the hands of individuals and firmly places the onus on companies to gain consent from individuals before sinking them beneath an unwanted avalanche of direct marketing. Here’s what it means for you.

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Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet DayToday is Safer Internet Day. The aim is to promote safer and more responsible use of technology, especially amongst children and young people across the world. In keeping with the theme BullGuard carried out a survey to find out how parent’s think about their children’s use of technology. Unsurprisingly parents think their kids spend too long using technology. Surprisingly, perhaps in a fit of honesty, parents admit to doing the same. Read on.

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Anonymous takes on jihadists

AnonymousHacktivist collective Anonymous has set about taking down jihadi websites and accounts, ironically putting it on the same side as European governments. But many Islamic fundamentalists are socially media savvy and have on Twitter for example, created a web of interlinking accounts to protect themselves. Is a cyber-war brewing and does Anonymous have the collective will to pursue its aims long after the atrocities of recent weeks have dropped out of the headlines?

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Another bitcoin exchange hacked

bitcoinBitstamp, a trusted bitcoin exchange, has been hacked to the tune of over £3 million. ‘Don’t worry,’ says the company, it’s only a fraction of what it holds in its reserves. It’s also the latest in a long line of bitcoin hacks.

Another bitcoin exchange has been hacked with the theft of about £3.4 million in virtual currency. This time it was Bitstamp, one of the largest and most trusted of bitcoin exchanges.

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The Sony hack – what’s missing?

sony hackedAmid the gossip, fury and diplomatic activity over the Sony hack a few important points have been overlooked; thousands of employees had their personal information posted online proving that many organisations can’t be trusted to provide security and cyber actions by nation states are here to stay accompanied by ever louder cries of denial.

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Biggest online hacks of all time

data breachEnormous online data loss drives a huge underground industry in phishing and the sale of personal data. It fuels cybercrime and has given rise to many websites on the dark web that trade in personal data. It provides hackers with a reason for being and stokes the fires of nefarious online behaviour. And it is happening with alarming frequency.

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Spooky silence

HalloweenBet you didn’t know that according to Wikipedia Halloween is a Christian feast influenced by Celtic harvest festivals with possible pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic Samhain. Thought so. But does it matter? Today Halloween is great fun for children… and hackers. Hackers? In the parlance it’s a calendar event that is used to slip all sorts of rogue malware beneath the radar. But this Halloween it’s eerily quiet on the hacking front, which begs the question, what’s cooking in the cyber crime cauldron?

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National Express – technical security flaw can expose customers’ private data

security flowCoding errors come and coding errors go. But one thing that does remain permanent is that they’re always there, somewhere, ready to be exploited.

National Express is one of the largest transport companies in the UK. Listed on the FTSE, its coaches are a familiar sight on motorways with about 550 every day travelling close to 1,000 destinations. The company is a household name and it’s also rapidly expanding into bus and rail transport in new regions of the world.

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Kids & Mobile Use [INFOGRAPHIC]

kids-mobile-useA BullGuard survey of 2,000 parents with children between the ages of 7 and 14 revealed that one in seven parents had discovered something unsuitable on their kid’s smartphone or tablet.

The survey on mobile usage revealed just how concerned parents are and also at the same time how they sometimes feel powerless. For instance, stranger danger is the #1 concern with parents expressing understandable anxiety about their children being ‘courted’ by people they don’t know.

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