LinkedIn advice on hack

LinkedinBusiness network LinkedIn has mailed its 400 million users about the sale of sensitive customer information which was recently put up for sale on the dark web. It hasn’t said sorry (ask the lawyers why) but it is offering advice on what its users can do to protect their accounts. Meanwhile the fall-out from the LinkedIn data sale continues to make ever growing waves. Social network platform Reddit said it has seen an increasing number of its member’s accounts taken over by other people which it believes stems from the LinkedIn data loss –  some people who have accounts with both services use the same password making it easy for users of the stolen LinkedIn data to also access Reddit accounts.

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Top 10 tips for social media safety

social_media_tipsSocial media platforms are great for staying in the loop, even when you’re out of the loop.

You can chat, post, like and get some banter going with friends – even if you’re 5,000 miles away. But there are enough unsavoury characters trawling these sites that it’s necessary to raise a red flag. There are also enough deep digital potholes for the unwary to stumble into that you really need to be mindful too. You can make sure you’re always safe by following these top ten safety tips.

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Facebook Privacy Checkup

Facebook PrivacyEarlier this month, Facebook launched their “Privacy Checkup Tool” which enables you to easily review what you’re sharing, and with whom.

If you’re a regular reader of the BullGuard blog (if you’re not, you should be – sign up here!), you’ll know that with so many frequent privacy updates on Facebook, it can be hard to stay on top of these updates and how it could impact you and your account.

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Google News: Your face can become the next Google ad

Google News: Your face can become the next Google adRecently, Google updated their Terms of Service. The update included permission for Google to use your reviews, name and photo for advertising purposes. Of course this update has now been set as a default setting within everyone’s account. Every time you recommend or comment on an item or service, Google is now permitted to share that reaction, and they’re referring to it as a “Shared Endorsement”.



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FBI and NSA team up to fight deep web child exploitation

FBI and NSA team up to fight deep web child exploitationAs important as it is, the announcement that Google and Microsoft are trying to stop searches for child pornography overshadows a perhaps more important endeavour in which UK and US law enforcement are going to go hunting on the deep web for predators. This is a welcome move and one that emphasises the need for Facebook protection for children.



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Is Facebook making us unhappy?

Facebook could make you unhappyThat’s right, the number one social networking site has been
studied by scientists and they have found that it is strongly linked with a
decline in well-being. Apparently, the more time those participating in the
study spent on Facebook, the worse they felt. It’s no substitute for human
connection, in fact, those that talk to their friends on the phone or meet up
with them in person have much greater levels of happiness.



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