The cybercriminals Pot of Gold- your Personal Information is just 2 clicks away

Personal informationThisis the Internet era, no doubt about it: general public meets infinite variety of information via countless virtual channels. World Wide Web pages, e-mail, online shopping, and virtual chat rooms bring Internet users together (and help set them apart) in technology-mediated interactions and communication.


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What is your Social Personality?

Social personalityThe presence of social media in our lives has offered us all
the opportunity to create a persona and share it with the world. The Facebook
profile means we can curate our identity, the privacy settings allow us to
control who we share that identity with, and the status updates and photo
albums mean we can keep that identity alive, with constant updates.



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The privacy paradox: sharing on social networks

Privacy ParadoxHave you heard about the Privacy Paradox? As we share more
and more information with each other on Facebook, a privacy paradox has
evolved. Before we get into it, take a minute to consider what you have chosen
to share with all Facebook users and the World Wide Web within your Facebook

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Baby pics on Facebook : to post or not to post?

Mother and child Did you know that two-thirds of parents post pictures of their newborn on Facebook less than 60 minutes after birth?

To post or not to post? That is the question. We all love sharing funny and adorable parts of our lives on Facebook, but when it comes to your new born, or toddler, is it safe?

Parental control – Social Media protection for your children

Parental control and social mediaParental control for social media

BullGuard Internet Protection allows parents to keep abreast of their children’s social media activity and flag up behaviour that might lead to negative consequences. If you’re looking for Facebook protection and parental controls then this is the product for you.Read on to find out more…

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