Microsoft “security expert” phone scam

Microsoft scamTelephone scams in which callers claimed to be Microsoft ‘security experts’ offering to fix your computer first surfaced over five years ago. They’re still around and seemingly undergoing something of resurgence. The scammers can’t fix anything they just want your money.

It sometime seems that every other major business on the planet has outsourced its service centre to India. Banks, insurance companies, internet service providers, utility companies, even railway ticket booking services.

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Fake-ationIn 2010, a woman in Florida was indicted on two felony counts for selling fake vacation packages online…the victims showed up for their vacations and the resort had no record of their stay. Their reservation had never been made.

Hopefully, the likelihood of this happening to you this summer is slim, but nevertheless concerning. It’s hard enough finding time to take a vacation, let alone a fake-ation.

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