How to protect your email address from hackers

emailYou might wonder why hackers are interested in stealing email addresses and passwords. There are lots of reasons and none of them are philanthropic. An email address can open the door to all sorts of fraud from using the contacts in your address book to spam people to accessing your financial details. You can deter these hacks by protecting your email accounts with a few simple steps. Read more

How to protect your digital treasures

dad and son photoEverything we do today is digitised, whether it’s taking photos, creating documents, saving music, watching movies, chatting with friends and so on. Given this investment how would you feel if you lost some of your precious files? Read on and get some tips on protecting your digital treasures.

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How to access your PC if you forgot your Windows password

PasswordThe irony in creating super tough passwords is that they’re easy to forget, or if you scribbled one down somewhere and then loose the paper or it’s been digitally erased, you’re back to square one. Or even minus square one if it was the password to your computer. But all is not lost, it is possible to retrieve your password or even circumvent the requirement.

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How to build and protect your online reputation

There are all sorts of things you can do to get ahead, as a thousand plus self-help books testify to, but not many mention the need for shining online profiles. But the law of the boomerang, everything that we say and do has a habit of coming right back to us, is equally applicable online as it is in the real world, in fact more so given that social media platforms reach so many more people. So, read on to discover how to ensure you have a positive profile that protects your online reputation and always presents you in a shining light.

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How to switch your iPhone to Android and vice versa

With smartphones and other mobile computing devices changing rapidly, you may have wanted to switch from an Android device to iPhone or iPhone to Android for some time. But the likelihood is that you’ve been put off by the thought of transferring your data between devices. Well, it’s not as complex and teeth grindingly frustrating as it used to be. In fact, it can now be startlingly simple.

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How to backup iPhone photos in Google Drive

mother and child photoThere are many ways to back up photos and if you’re using an iPhone you don’t have to be restricted to using Apple’s cloud.

You can use Google Drive which is always a useful option; it allows you free up storage on your phone and having a least one back up of your photos. It safeguards against loss or theft of your iPhone.

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