• From smart homes to smart cities

    The Internet of Things (IoT), or smart connected devices as it’s also known, is set to grow at about 3 billion devices a year until there’s something close to 30 billion devices in use across the world by 2020 and beyond.
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  • Security News: 500 devices in one smart home – and hackers queuing up

    As the first pages of 2017 unfurl there is an unsurprising focus on the Internet of Things security given that smart devices are not only big news but also big sales. One security researcher reckons that hacked smart meters could be used to black out your home while a security industry exec says 2017 could be the year when the entire internet goes down. The World Economic Forum publishes its annual risk report and chillingly points to the dangers of weaponised IoT and artificial intelligence. Closer to home, hackers are still doing their thing; a Netflix phishing campaign has been detected, a Hello Kitty database has been leaked on the internet and Android device users have been warned about a fake version of the Super Mario Run game which is used to plant banking malware on mobile devices.
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