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Backup your data



The BullGuard Mobile Backup suite allows you to back up sensitive information, videos, pictures, messages and other files you wish to preserve to our secured servers, allowing you to restore it as needed. Backing up your data is a simple process and will save what you have selected in the Settings.

Step 1



Open the BullGuard Mobile Backup application screen and tap on Backup.



home screen.png

Step 2



The next screen will show the progress of the current Backup along with the options to Hide and Cancel.



4 backup progress



Hide: will take you back to the BullGuard Mobile Backup main window. In order to view the progress of the current Backup, simply tap the Backup icon again.


Pause: this will pause the current Restore. You can resume it at any time by tapping on the Resume button


Cancel: will cancel the current Backup process.

Step 3



Once the Backup is complete, a pop-up will be displayed confirming the success of the operation. Tap on OK to return to the main screen.



backup complete.png