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BullGuard Support

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Setting up when, how and what will be backed up.



In order to reach the Settings menu, tap on the left-most icon from the bottom of the BullGuard Mobile Backup main screen.



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From this menu you can choose to alter the Settings for Scheduled backups, Connection and Data.



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Schedule tab



The Schedule tab allows you to choose to between performing Backups manually at your convenience or instructing BullGuard to automatically back up your data.



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The default setting is None which is to run the Backup manually.


Once you tap on Schedule a new selection list will appear in which you need to specify the frequency: how often should BullGuard perform the Backup







Tapping on Schedule will return you to the Schedule screen where you can now see the frequency and the start date and time.






Tap on the Start date and time field in order to adjust these according to your preferences.




Connection tab



This tab allows you to choose how BullGuard will connect to the Internet when you back up to the Online drive.






Use 3G and Wi-Fi: BullGuard will use whatever connection is available, be it 3G or Wi-Fi.


Only use Wi-Fi: BullGuard will backup/restore only when the device is connected through Wi-Fi.

Data tab



The Data tab allows you to choose what should be backed up. You can choose from: Contacts, Pictures, Videos and Events. The All option ticks all available options from the list.




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