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BullGuard Support

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Editing the Mobile Security settings



From the main BullGuard screen, tap on the device Menu button and then on Settings. You will have three sections to choose from:


  • Security Settings


  • Support Info


  • Update




Security settings section




Centralises the Antivirus settings and allows you to decide scheduled tasks frequency.



Scan applications on install: will scan every application when being installed for Spyware.


Scan SD card on insert: will scan the content of the SD card automatically when inserted.


Scan inside archives: will allow BullGuard to scan the content of archives such as zip, apk and other compressed files during the scan.


Optimize media scanning: speeds up the scanning of photos, videos and music.



Scroll down to see the scheduling options:


Full device scan: you can setup how often BullGuard should perform a full device scan.


Profile update: determines how often BullGuard will be updated (settings and Antivirus/Antispyware updates)

Support Info section






Displays information about the device, device settings, BullGuard application, BullGuard account information and updates.


View logs: will display the Antivirus scan logs. You can use the Clear logs option in order to delete all past entries.


Send logs: you will need to have an e-mail account set up on the device in order to be able to use this feature. After selecting the e-mail account you wish to use, an e-mail window will appear, prefilled with relevant information and with three logs attached. Please send this e-mail to msupport@bullguard.com, in case these details are needed for troubleshooting.

Update section





This section displays whether BullGuard is up to date and when the last update was performed. You can also tap on the Update button in order to manually trigger the update. This will download the new settings and Antivirus/AntiSpyware updates.