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Game Mode Overview

Game Mode ensures a seamless and thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience without having to disable the security application.


Running an Internet Security suite on your computer will use some of the machine’s resources: the Antivirus’ real-time file monitor, the Firewall’s continuous traffic filtering or the Spamfilter e-mail filter all require system resources and processor time. As these resources are limited, they may have an impact on how games run which holds true especially for today’s cutting-edge technology games that will surely strain the computer’s resources.


That is why BullGuard comes with a module that will make sure you have  an intense and uninterrupted gaming experience without having to compromise your computer’s security. You can create profiles that will activate automatically at game start to avoid Firewall pop-ups or tell the Antivirus to run more smoothly, so as not to hinder game performance.



Game Mode Main



Known games: shows the number of available gaming profiles.


Active profile: shows the currently active profile.


Start Game Mode: click on this button to activate the Game Mode.


Edit profiles: provides access to the Profiles section where you can manage the profiles for your games.


Logs: click on Gaming history to see when profiles where edited, created and activated or deactivated.


Settings: opens the section where you can switch the Game Mode on and off.

Introducing Game Mode


Gaming safely without performance loss


It's a tough choice between the ultimate gaming experience and maintaining a watertight shield between online crime and your finances, your privacy and your computer's general wellbeing! But with the inclusion of Game Mode in BullGuard Internet Security, gaming and security are no longer at odds: The Game Mode makes it possible to game without performance loss but with the full benefits of state-of the-art internet security. It protects you whether you're gaming or banking, making it the perfect solution for the average household.
Why security is an issue for gamers
Typical frustrations for gamers are endless firewall messages, heavy resource consumption resulting in deteriorated game play and update processes that are initiated during the game. 
In a recent survey conducted by BullGuard among 2,000 gamers, 20 per cent admitted to not using any kind of protection while gaming. Almost half of the remaining 80 per cent complained about their security software interfering with their gaming experience. With the introduction of BullGuard Game Mode, gaming and security are not at odds anymore.



How does it work?


Bullguard Game Mode comes with pre-set profiles for the 20 most popular games.  BullGuard makes profiles for all major game releases and pushes them out to our users, ensuring that the application is always reliable and up-to-date.
You have the option of editing existing game profiles and you can easily create additional game profiles yourself. The Game Mode also comes with a general game mode, which consists of general settings that will suit most games currently on the market.



BullGuard stays tight with the gaming community


BullGuard was the first internet security company to develop a product specifically designed for gamers and we sponsor different gaming communities around the world.


The feedback we receive from the gaming community is very useful in developing future versions of BullGuard, and we greatly enjoy working with this dedicated and enthusiastic group of users.

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