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Posted By : iain3352 - 1/28/2013 9:24 AM
i bought a program called NoRiftRifeDeluxe.exe and have been unable to run it.
when i do i get a bullguard allurt saying it is infected with Kazy 3702 and puts it in
quarantine i have had to disable anti virus to get it to run. but the next time i
enable av it puts the exe and msi in to quarantine

Posted By : Robert Mateescu - 1/29/2013 7:05 AM
Hi iain3352,

Please archive the NoRiftRifeDeluxe.exe file (using the password protected option) and send it to for analysis.

If the file is clean, the detection will be removed as soon as possible.

Best wishes!

Robert Mateescu
Senior Support Technician EN

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Posted By : iain3352 - 1/30/2013 9:45 PM
i have not included noriftrifesetup.msi in zip form as it is to large at 1.58mb
and i have not included the exe as it is 3mb in size . sorry