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Posted By : TomJVV - 12/6/2013 1:16 AM
IBM Lenovo laptop with XP running; 
Avast running.  Malwarebytes installed and updated.
I have virus that very quickly turns my screen white with only a message to connect to the internet.  (the first time it appeared, I got the "Official Government" screen.)
I disabled my modem as soon as this appeared.
I tried CTRL/ALT/DEL, ALT/TAB, ALT F4 to no avail.
Mouse pointer is present.  No menus.  No right click function.
I tried to restart in safe mode and the same thing happens.
I tried to restart as administrator and the same thing happens.
I tried to select/click on several items to stave it off and was able to get Avast up once.
I ran a boot time scan set to "delete all" which completed. 
It was my intention to run it twice but when I restarted it was back,  maybe even quicker.  I can't seem to get into anything now.
Can I make a bootable DVD and load a boot time scanner?
Can I run something from c:\ ?
Thanks in advance

Posted By : TomJVV - 12/8/2013 6:44 PM
After many attempts, I was able (somehow) to get logged in. I ran Malwarebytes and before restarting I sceduled a boot scan with Avast. Frankly, I'm not sure if I got it with the Avast boot scan or MBam, but eventually I seemed to get it. After running MBam twice, the virus was immediately back. I logged back in, ran MB and noted the names of the files. I then restarted with command prompt and deleted the files manually. After this I was able to really get in and clean up. Another run and MBam got the registry cleaned and Avast came up clean.

I ran CCleaner and TDSKiller. The system seems clear now. I'm still in Safe Mode.
What should I do now?