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Posted By : hensen007 - 6/26/2014 1:09 PM
I am looking for a parental control software to monitor my 12 years old son, I know it is not a good idea, but I am realy worried about him. I found this:, is it useful? Anyone used it?

If I don't monitor his computer, how can I know whether bad things effect him?

Thanks very much.

Posted By : Dickens - 6/26/2014 6:02 PM
Hello hensen007,

I can appreciate your concern that your son might be accessing nasty things on the internet. There is no doubt that pornographic or violent images on the internet will have an adverse affect on a young mind.

I guess you have to ask yourself a question:
Do you just want to spy on your son's use of the internet? If so there are many key logging programmes that will do the job for you. Personally, I have no experience of key loggers so I cannot advise you on that.

To be more positive I would suggest installing parental controls on your son's computer (whether he likes it or not!). There are also a number of useful sites to look at; for instance, ISPs and internet security programmes such as BullGuard also offer parental control features.

I would also suggest having an in depth discussion with your son (if you haven't done so already). That last suggestion could be the most valuable!

With best wishes.