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Posted By : BigRock - 11/17/2013 4:23 AM
Does Bullguard IS 2014 allow me to schedule an automated Antivirus scan task through my windows admin account or at an administrative (SYSTEM) rights level such that the task applies to all windows account users on the system?

E.g., on my Win7 SP1 32 bit system, I have 4 windows users accounts: 1 admin, 1 standard, 2 limited user (children) accounts
Can I somehow define a daily antivirus quick scan through Bullguard and expect to have that scan occur on the system at the daily specified time regardless of which user account is actively logged on?

My current experience suggests that this is not possible, and that I instead have to define the identical Bullguard antivirus scan task within each individual windows user account. So, in this scenario, I am defining the task 4 times rather than once at either the windows admin level or at a secure application level (i.e., vis-a-vis a password protected feature). Is this correct?

Posted By : BigRock - 11/30/2013 2:33 AM
To answer my own question:

While Bullguard lets you specify a scheduled antivirus scan task, that task is associated with your active Windows user profile. If you are not logged on as that user when the task is scheduled to execute, then that task will not execute.

So if you want your Bullguard AV scan tasks to run according to schedule regardless of which user is logged on,
then you have 2 options:
a) Log on to each user Windows account, and from within each account run Bullguard and define the same AV scan task.

b) Use Windows Task Scheduler (in Administrator Mode) to create a scheduled task that calls Bullguard's on-demand scanner (BgScan.exe)

If you are interested in knowing what BgScan parameters I used for the scan task defined in option (b), let me know and I can post what I specified.

Posted By : BigRock - 11/30/2013 10:35 PM
I should clarify that as a trial user, I do not view this issue to be a show stopper.

Admin-based av task management is a personal convenience feature that I look for in these products, so I was somewhat surprised and slightly irritated that it is not present in Bullguard.

But it is not a deal breaker; and if all you ever need are the 2 predefined av scan tasks from Bullguard (Full scan, Quick scan), then accessing all of your system's user accounts to set up the same scan schedule through Bullguard is no great hardship. Annoying yes, but no means a hardship.

Posted By : rozermartin - 12/16/2013 1:43 PM
Well I think that a scan automated from administrator account can easily be controlled on that account itself. Depends on the authorization level you provide with those other users account.